Photo: B. ROSSI

Specified artworks from the website are printed in a limited edition portfolio, signed and dated by the artist himself. There are some prints which are printed in an open editions on Kodak R4™ photographic paper.

The prints are carefully printed on Archival Paper like Waterford, Arches or Somerset on HP Inkjet printers or IRIS printers (depending upon how the images are calibrated or proofed)

The maximum number of prints produced are mentioned along with each of the images (excluding the artist’s proof).

If you want one of the above limited edition prints, please e-mail the following details to me and post your payment to me by Bank Draft (payable at Baroda, India) in favour of Rahul Gajjar.

  • Title of the Print
  • Number of Prints
  • Your Name and Address
  • Your E-mail Address
  • Bank Draft Amount
  • Bank Draft Details

The prints are packed and sent by Air Mail and do not include matting, glass or framing.

We are in the process of introducing payment by all major credit cards shortly.