About Tantra

Tantra is a vast ocean of wisdom for enlightening the mind. It is not merely sex, with which most Westerners identify it, but an Indian philosophy that includes sexuality as a minor factor and an entire science of meditation. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses describes the deeper system of Tantra in its psychological and spiritual sophistication - unfolding the mysteries of life and death, being and non-being. It reveals Tantra as a profound methodology for reaching the highest states of consciousness.

Tantra is a powerful substream of Hindu teachings, outside both orthodox Hinduism and the six classical schools of Indian philosophy, but non-the-less, deeply embedded in the matrix of Hinduism. Tantra treats five subjects: 1-creation; 2-destruction (of worlds) 3-worship of Goddesses; 4-attainment of all objects; 5-the four modes of union with the supreme by meditation.